A Parasitic Flower

There is something wrong with this streetlight,
It is flickering, fighting to get out of darkness,
But soon – maybe too soon – it shuts down,
It is still struggling and I did not understand,
I did not know what to do in this empty town,
The road ends on an extremely silenced hill,
And I want to walk somewhere. Anywhere!
As long as I get out of this melancholic prison,
Or should I fix this streetlight first and then –
Wait! There seems to be an intriguing flower,
Thorns all over its short thick velvet stem,
Poison enveloping my heart through my eyes,
Although, she is living out of this streetlight,
A parasite? Swallowing the light? Possessed?
I do not dare approach but her crimson petals –
Suddenly, my flickering light just went out!

Thursday, 30th of October 2014