Lonely Sunday

I think I should revert back to masks,
And create a wall as high as the sky,
But the sky falls over me; suffocating!
And I am but a lost tiny sand granule,
I do not know if I should say I tried,
I do not know if I should talk anymore,
Or even write verses so vague, so –
To live in silence can be a blessing,
Or a poison that slows your death,
I – I am trying to win a fierce battle,
 Yet I am struggling to even eat,
Who knows! Maybe you will appear,
And guide me to a better Earth,
Without a lonely moon and sun,
Where I can fly like dead dragons,
Peace to those who still believe.

Sunday, 16th of June 2013


MIB said...

Loved this; I can SO relate to it. Mashalla 3lyk; keep up the awesome as ever posts.

Bu Thyab said...

Yeah, i wrote exactly what i felt...

but elhamdella after i wrote it mood changed and everything was super, hehe :D