Royal Beauty

Let me in your delicate heart,
To open doors,
To close gaps,
And show me your true nature.

You step inside this tall building,
And I follow,
And you lead,
In the elevator our eyes meet.

For few seconds you looked–
I got lost in your magical eyes.

The long-awaited interview,
As I sat down,
As you stood up,
You gave me an angelic smile.

Eager to see you again and again,
I watch the door,
I watch the door,
You came out with those cheeks.

Cuteness was not even enough,
To describe,
To explain,
Your majestic soul I adore.

As I prepare eternal years for you,
I think,
I imagine,
Your tiny fingers close to mine.

If we were to count all the stars,
And the black sky,
And the white moon,
All molten to your dazzling curves.

My feelings for you are limitless,
To hug me,
To kiss you,
This lovely life has just started.

Wednesday, 29th of May 2013


MIB said...

It seems like I've missed out on a lot of amazing posts, while tangled in my own tumultuous life; WOW!

I can actually imagine a whole scenario, just by reading what you've written; brlliant, mashalla!

Bu Thyab said...

yeah u did miss a lot :P

but its cool, as long as u come back and read :P