Colours in the Waiting Line

Hey! Yeah, all of you’s waiting,
The colours mixed, so listen,
I’m about to tell what’s happening,
Across the streets of Auburn.

Over there! That car, see?!
Yeah, the yellow one,
Woah! What a cool M3!
Should be heaps of fun!

Back in line we keep sighing,
This ballad: a time waste,
For our energy keeps draining,
Come on! Our lunch to taste.

Two minutes left of the agony,
“Next in line!” “Yay!”
I’ll make a colourful symphony,
Finished! I have to pay?

Cash only? You gotta be kiddin’!
EFTPOS next to that centre,
Where? There! It’s not hidden!
Walking and walking then I enter.

So, you see, it’s near closing time,
And all I have is a card,
7/11 cash-out with that chime,
Returned to find a guard.

“Mate, we’re definitely closed!”
“Seriously! After all that?!”
Stepped forward, muscles exposed,
Went back to my flat.

This story ends with a sweat,
Job, at last, completed,
Many colours I ‘ave met,
All this is already tweeted!

Thursday, 21st of February 2013