Proud Emarati

Excuse me!
You are not meant to be here
In this share’
In this freej
In this dar

But... I bought a ticket
For me and for my dog
We belong here now
In this first class

La la la
You must have been mistaken
This is no whiteman’s dar
Nor a zreeba for dogs
Hya emarati

So... now that I am here
With this one-way ticket
Grabbing a leashed Chihuahua
Investing in this fertile land
You wish me to leave?

Leave in the manner of your ancestors
If you wish
But do not become a tha’lab
And twist words to be baree’
For I have foreseen this yawm

Wait, but why can I see that white guy with you?
What is so different between him and I?
If what you claim is racial?
Or maybe arrogance?

This guy connects with us
You do not
You wear indecent clothes
Tgool ‘eryan ma lego bait
Truly homeless

Now I get it
You are afraid of change
Afraid to lose your identity
Afraid to lose to your pleasures
Pleasures of this life

It is a pity that you look at it this way
The thing is, I am afraid
But of the consequences of indecency
Rapes and divorces, zbalat elgharb will come at us
And that is why ana yales aharbek

But I do come in peace
And I love your country
I want it to prosper
I want it to be a
Developed country

‘ebarat malha mtheel
Exactly, they are just ‘ebarat without any form of action
We love salam as we say it everyday
But we also love ‘adel
For I want blady to be truthful not under a useless qena’

Heh, have you seen your water?-

Let us stick to the subject and not deviate
You are not allowed in here ella etha ehteramt haweyyatna
And as for the water: have you seen your wayh?
Ryooli are cleaner than it, so go back to your dar
So that we can go back to tamr w ma’!

Thursday, 22nd of November 2012