Thoughts I have conquered before,
Left me exposed in front of persons,
Protected from the past no more,
Engulfed by madness as it worsens.

Thoughts I treasured in my core,
Scattered as butterflies far away,
Confiscated as I stumble ashore,
Forgot the true nature of my way.

Thoughts I mapped to explore,
Faded as if a tiny water vapour,
Forgotten behind a closed door,
Plain as a blank sheet of paper.

Thoughts I forced out after a roar,
Found a gust of air for a breath,
Reclaimed my aim in this war,
Guided into the arms of death.

Wednesday, 9th of May 2012


MIB said...

I absolutely LOVED the first & last stanzas! Why'd ya stop writing?! Post some new stuff..you can't take a month's break!._."

ebdaaaa3, Mashalla 3layyyk..brilliant!

Bu Thyab said...

yay, an old visitor :P

so a poem once a month is not sufficient?! u want more of nonsense :P hehe

nah, am glad u're enjoying these poems :)

actually, i've got a poem in my mind, but i just need to think how to put it together :P

stay tuned!!

Alexis said...

I adore the rythm in this.
Very enjoyable. "Found a gust of air for breath." That feeling springs to mind

Bu Thyab said...

I'm glad you liked it