Speak to me about your world today. Tell me, once more.
Ideally, you should quit this blabbering; though you love.

Yes, and more; you and me, swim in your world. Explain!
Once more it is, I guess, and then peace to you forever.

So, how did it start? No wait! Tell me your world in future!
Yes, future is in your little mind, and explain is what you want.

No, yes, you guess, and you and I were here and there.
You and I were once there and here then over and under.

What do you say I speak first and then you can add.
Add syllables of meaningless words to create nothing but you?

Me, a heart, full of emotions and yet you speak of love?
I listen and I quote, and I wait and I act, but I never mask.

A pathetic act is a mere mask, but speak of love, now!
Now is where my world is and start now to continue later.

No, the so-called future is what all you think and never discuss.
Then become a vendetta, a blabbering icon of lawless love.

A great story untold, I believe, fabricated to your kind.
My kind and yours will continue to exist inside him with love.

You, out of all the organs, should never use that word.
I understand! The mind is in combat against your heartily love.

Stop this and seize my heart and become me for now.
What? No! Why? Merciless! But, could you really believe this?

You listen and you quote, so tell me what have I said!
I cannot, though, what is the reason? Scared? No! No way.

Did you know that you are adding meaningless syllables?
Wait............ yes, we are we, you and I, entities but an entity.

Tuesday, 3rd of May 2011