The Time of an Era

Whimpering wishes on wild wolves: Earth Whisperers,
Soaring over the study of scriptures and of symbols,
Perhaps, a petite period preaching the puzzled poor,
Or Time terminated the telling of a torn tale of trees,
Too timorous to tinkle their trunks as Time trembles.

A nature’s niche of naivety of noble nomads nimble,
Calling for continuous contemporary commitments,
To get the great goals and gallop on gorgeous gold,
Mighty men march into the marshlands and murmur,
Muttering melodiously to the most modest of men.

The errand of an eerie era is to eat the errs of Earth,
Yet, horrendous hostiles haunt humble holy humans,
Between the brutal battles bewildering the brainless,
And respectful rubies return to their realm rapturous,
Roaring their role in the remarkable robust resistance.

Sunday, 6th of March 2011