Your Days and Mine

Talk to me loud and clear about your days,
The sun and trees; what nature conveys,
Dust sweeping the lands revealing a woe,
Is this the truth, tell me what you know,
The sky and the water as blue as this paint,
And breathe that air without having to faint,
I have heard of fresh and healthy greens,
And fruits full of flavours perfecting cuisines,
How were they made- oh right, it is hopeless,
I know that my purpose is just to live aimless,
But you know that the footprints I leave behind,
Need to be enormously large for people to find,
And ever I saw your ancient eyes I dreamed,
The days of peace where my heart screamed,
Tell me one more time about the true way,
That I can serenely follow without going astray,
And lead a nation’s people to worship Him,
With His mercy going to light from dim.

Sunday, 6th of February 2011


MIB said...

Sb7analla..I'm loving your latest poems BIG TIME.

Bu Thyab said...

thnx heaps!!

always come back for more ^_^