Frozen Flesh

N-no, stay, why, stop it, oh stop it, s-stop weeping,
I feel cold, I am so afraid, I cannot, oh I cannot cry,
Nor can I shiver and remove these hazy emotions,
Alone in the dark with mud's the only companion,
No, my doings, the good and the bad, all of them,
I lie still, still as a statue, pausing, I am still alive,
Hearing the people's footsteps leaving me behind,
I am alive, but I need to catch a deep last breath.

Waiting, waiting, and w-

Frozen flesh

N-no, not yet, I am not, no, please I am not ready,
He is taking me, guys, come back, don- leave me,
I am gone, but give me a second, back, back I want,
It hurts, n-no, I mean y-yes, I am gone yet a-alive,
This is the proof, why, take it, that is the evidence,
Nooo! Stop talking, stop it, yes I did, but because-,
Guys, look at me, touch my flesh, hear my screams,
If only you knew, still, what would you have done?

Thursday, 28th of October 2010


Bushra Kamalboor said...

Wow this is really scary, does it talk about someone who died recently?

very well-written, i love it :)

Bu Thyab said...

Yzach Allah khair!! It's about a person who is dead. It does not refer to anyone... I jus wanted to have a dead person as the first person talking about his experience wanting to tell others about its seriousness and advise them to repent!!!

Bu Thyab said...

Am glad u loved it ^_^