Blessed are We

There is a time when the heavy rain,
Declines to face the atrocious sand,
And emerges on the horizon at dawn,
To fall from the sky above so high,
Onto the bricks and gates of a castle.

But deep down in his warm heart,
He wants to guide those who are lost,
He then cries out loud then he sighs,
And then the moon escapes the clouds,
Shining the light on the forlorn souls.

To be a part of this enormous castle,
To embed within its protective walls,
To evaporate into the clouds up high,
To become yet another heavy rain,
To drench tears from the souls of sands.

Tuesday, 08th of June 2010


MIB said...

LOVE this..SO meaningful, Sb7analla..

Wonderful, Tabarak Ar R7man..waiting for more - you wrote this over a month ago..that's too big a gap for talent like yours.=)

Bu Thyab said...

yeah, i'm trying my best to keep writing, lol! en sha Allah, everything will become easier ^__^

MIB said...

Since you're still a student, you might find this useful. Write when you are SICK AND TIRED of studying.:P

I'm not encouraging procrastination, mind you!xD But from experience, that's when you're able to come up with the best of your work..because your mind's already been kicked into overdrive!

Allah ywaffgk, bro!

Bu Thyab said...

I reckon, lol!

thanks for advising me to procrastinate, lol, j/k!!

but it's true, whenever i think too much or things are piling up too much too fast then my brain takes it out on 'poetry'.

But everything is from Allah, we're clueless about the extent of the blessings Allah has given us, and that's why we thank Him day and night!

MIB said...

Akeed, no doubt abt that..

Yeah, well..everything in its limits is necessary for a perfect balance in life..procrastination included!(A) I remember writing poems on nights before my finals; your mind gets saturated at a certain point, and it's practically USELESS to cram any further..but you'd know MORE abt that Mashalla, Doctor-to-be!;P ^_^

Bu Thyab said...

haha, en sha Allah!