Youth Today

I have seen today's youth pursuing a desirable but far mirage,
To them, a tender and honey voice produces a sixty second glory.

I have heard today's youth living on a miserable but wide edge,
To them, sixty seconds per day each day is what makes a day a day.

I have felt a stinging surface separating the society into selfish sectors,
To them, lighting colourful unneeded matches switches both sides.

I have drank the water from the abyss's well at the uneven wide edge,
To them, I made a surprise invitation temporarily abolishing books.

I have sat down next to those who wished death and rot upon me,
To them, salvation is by murdering the truth to live those sixty seconds.

I have played sports with professional winners at losing championships,
To them, a sacrifice is needed to win each game and to win the society...
... a merrier sacrifice is predictably achieved.

None shall become one under an umbrella until the light of faith
Shines through the horizons onto the hearts of mindful traders.

Sunday, 11th of April 2010