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A deprived soul,
Found another one,
Just as empty,
In the abyss,
With locked chains,
Ferocious cries silenced,
By hellish whips,
Files to forget,
Archiving unwanted souls,
Pure, gullible, frail,
Breaking their wings,
Neck restrains applied,
Handcuffed by force,
Crawling in fear,
Hammering cracked bones,
Skulls wide open,
Fighting against them,
Abducting itself away,
Failure creeps again,
Cursed black habits,
Reappear amidst conflicts,
Wounds so insecure,
Awaiting their decay,
Nails holding souls,
Eyes to stab,
Never to see,
Tongues to iron,
Never to speak,
Throats to slaughter,
Never to breathe,
Drinking their blood,
None to rescue,
Continuous physical abuse,
Joints distinctly misshapen,
Risk of recovery,
Very very low.

Monday, 15th of February 2010