"Suicide Me"

I was walking along the ocean,
Observing the happy people around,
As they pass I deceive them with my smile,
Since they are unaware of my past, present or future.

I took a glance at the shark-filled sea,
A person just threw herself off the edge of a cliff,
Not knowing what would become of her I followed her steps,
My existing soul is about to be set free from a world full of unkindness.

The sharks can have me,
They can reveal the true self of mine,
My blood will be dispersed creating my biography,
Displayed in infamous exhibitions of selfish living artists.

The soulless cops arrived to seal the suicidal edge,
She left this life as I stand alone on this cliff,
At last finding an extremely sharp blade,
My neck is huge; very hard to slice,
My wrist is smaller; easier to slit,
Now I can understand myself,
The blood pouring out talks,
I cannot feel my fingers,
I cannot hear a noise,
I cannot … see.

Saturday, 21st of November 2009