Life Cycle

The waters of life break and a cry for life is craved,
Wrinkled moist skin soon to become a cuddly cushion,
Miracles of existence begin with domestic delicate arms,
Complete dependence, a leech, a monster, a parasite,
All but selfish accusations put upon a defenceless creature,
Rather, it is a treasure require cleaving and girdling,
Then polishing to produce an independent shining sun,
Ready to perform the rituals of cycle of life once more.

Wednesday, 21st of April 2010


MIB said...

This is a MIND-BLOWING poem; Mashalla 3layk! And to say that you have not been writin' for a while..!

The choice of words is just perfect; it's stupefying! I read this over and over again more than 5 times; my English professor should see THIS, while I sneak my portfolio out of his office and set it alight. Magnificent!

Bu Thyab said...

Thank you so much! I appreciate your words, which really give me a boost, and I thank your google reminder!! lol

MIB said...

lol, I realized this semester that unless you receive appreciation for your work, your effort put into it either starts dwindling, or everything comes to a stop. Human nature.

It's only now that my writing's been 'discovered' by my professors, that my mother is visibly proud of me as her 'talented' daughter..even then, she says it's a gift from Allah, and if you waste it on nonsense..it might be 'taken back'. =.= lol, She only means well, though.<3

Btw, I read your poetry to her and said, 'this makes mine look like a 3rd grader's, innit?' So, keep writing..you might be able to make a difference..sb7analla, who knows?=)

Bu Thyab said...

I don't know wat to say, MIB!! May Allah reward you!

MIB said...

You don't need to say anything at all; do I have permission to show your work to my professor..as the writing of an Emarati student?=)

I doubt he knows I'm not local; continues to talk to me in Arabic, lol..so I'll show him that local talent's actually much better.

Bu Thyab said...

Yes you do have my permission! I'm flattered, thnx a lot ^__^